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Packing Your C-Section Hospital Bag? Here’s Every Item You Can’t Forget

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My skin felt like it was on fire. As I gently lifted my belly, I found blisters had formed where the surgical tape had been removed.

I dug through my bag of toiletries, looking for something that might help. Neosporin maybe? Instead, I found perineal spray. I had no use for that.

The perineal spray was only one of the unused items I’d packed in my hospital bag. I’d watched tons of videos about what to pack, but those videos were all geared toward vaginal births. As you can tell, C-sections are a bit different.

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You don’t have to be left in a fog when packing your C-section hospital bag
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Packing Your C-Section Hospital Bag? Here’s Every Item You Can’t Forget

So what do you need for a C-section? (Hint: it isn’t Neosporin)

I’m going to get into the exact items that you need to add to your bag for a c-section, but first, you need to know a few things.

Being in the Know

C-sections tend to require at least a 48-hour stay in the hospital. Your stay can end up longer if you or your baby require continued monitoring. You both have to be discharged by your physicians in order to leave.

There typically isn’t a lot of waiting around before a C-section (like with a vaginal delivery). You come in for your C-Section and after your surgery, you have a baby to care for. You don’t need items that will get you through labor or items to occupy you before your baby is born.

The hospital will provide any medication you need. In fact, they don’t want you taking medication that they haven’t given you. If you need something, medication-wise, ask for it. You don’t need to bring it.

They will also provide most of the items you need to care for your baby. (I’ll cover the items you do need to bring in a minute.) And all of the items you’ll need for breastfeeding (except a nursing pillow & nursing bra).

Don’t forget to have the items you need at home after a C-section ready.

Don’t Forget! Everything You Need in Your C-Section Hospital Bag

A great bag is so important when you have a c-section. It’s hard to get around and the last thing you want is to spend extra time in an awkward position, digging through a bag. Splurge on the Fawn Design Weekender Bag.* It has tons of separate pockets so nothing will get lost.

*This site is reader-supported. When you buy through my links, I may earn an affiliate comission.

Items to Make You Comfortable**

  1. Makeup-removing wipes–in case you don’t feel like (or can’t) get out of bed to wash your face
  2. Chapstick
  3. Glasses/contacts (if you wear them)
  4. A phone charger
  5. Toiletries–shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, razor, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste
  6. Moisturizer for face & body
  7. Makeup (optional)
  8. Clothing options (see What to Wear After a C-Section for specific ideas)
  9. Large water bottle
  10. Slippers or non-slip socks
  11. Disposable underwear (2 pairs)
  12. Postpartum wrap (this helps with walking the halls)
**I cover why you need some of these items in depth in C-section essentials and C-section recovery essentials.

Items for Baby/Nursing

  1. Cute onesies/outfits if you want pictures
  2. Nursing pillow (leave this in the car until after Baby is born)*
  3. Nursing/pumping bra
  4. Mittens

Note: Leave your wedding ring & other metal valuables in a safe place at home. You can’t wear any metal to your surgery. You don’t want to worry about your ring getting lost.

For Your Spouse (optional) 😂

In all seriousness, depending on your spouse, you may need to pack his bag for him. And there are at least a few things that he’ll need.

  1. 2 changes of clothes
  2. Deodorant
  3. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  4. Blankets & a pillow*
  5. Snacks

*The blankets and pillow can be left in the car. The hospital does provide them but you might have to chase down a nurse if your room doesn’t have them. Dad is not their top priority. It’s easier to have them with you just in case.

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    So if you’re trying to pack your hospital bag for a C-section and wondering how it’s different than a vaginal delivery, these are the items you need to focus on. You don’t need a meditative playlist, essential oils, or a bottle of perineal spray. But you do need some extra loose clothes, pumping supplies, and some mental preparation for getting in and coming out with your beautiful baby.

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    pregnant woman putting items in suitcase with page title

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